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About Us

Mechanical Engineering is the study of the principles of mechanics and energy and their application to the design of machines and devices as well as their control. It applies the principles of mechanics and energy to the design of machines and devices as well as their control. You will find mechanical engineers in the manufacturing, food processing, energy, marine and automobile industries.

Mechanical Engineering expertise is also  required in new fields such as bioengineering, mechatronics and neural net works. The Mechanical Engineer is also found in the aerospace and nuclear industries.

At the Mechanical Engineering department, our capacity for self-motivation, work and analysis is second to none and our graduates gain entry into some of the best companies and graduate schools the world over. The aim of the Mechanical Engineering program is to provide broad-based education and training in mechanical engineering sciences and their applications, that will enable graduates to meet the challenges of the engineering profession in a rapidly changing environment such as exists in a developing country like Ghana. These challenges require the ability to apply existing knowledge in new ways thereby creating new systems and opportunities as well as adapting existing technology to local production conditions.. They require the ability to manage, service, maintain and improve upon existing systems. Our program and courses are therefore guided by this concept.